cliptease. advanced audience seduction by moving image madness. wir sind eine produktionsfirma und ein designstudio spezialisiert auf motion design und animation.

ORF Blockstars


We produced the opening sequence and program graphics for German rapper Sido's new casting show on ORF. We took the title literally - stars are composed from shabby blocks of buildings, thus making ugly objects beautiful.


“Michael Svec is part of the new generation of professional designers, for whom graphic design is always a question of positioning. He understood Sido and his Blockstars and created a well-functioning program packaging. We will see a lot from him in the future!”
Michael Hajek,
Art Director ORF


Production Company, Direction, Animation: Cliptease
Client: ORF
Director: Michael Svec
Design: Sabine Brauner
Animation: Lukas Wögerer, Michael Svec
Photos: Thomas Ramstorfer
Music: Sido