cliptease. advanced audience seduction by moving image madness. wir sind eine produktionsfirma und ein designstudio spezialisiert auf motion design und animation.

Eucerin Commercial


The challenge in this project was to create heart-shaped waves - something that standard 3D fluid simulations are not designed for. We found a solution by hand-animating the waves ...

"For our client Beiersdorf and their Eucerin brand, esthetics play an important role. Michael Svec and his team have not only understood the brand, but also solved the difficult problem at hand in the best possible way, coming up with a result that has international format. Great team playing!”
(Daniel Senitschnig, Art Director DRAFTFCB PARTNERS)


Production Company, Direction & Animation: Cliptease
Client: Beiersdorf
Director: Michael Svec
Modeling: Ulrich Radhuber
Animation: Michael Svec, Lukas Wögerer
Sound: Soundfeiler