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Monument to Michael Jackson


Darko Lungulov's award-winning tragicomedy mixes caustic Eastern European humor with sharp social commentary: In an attempt to save his dying hometown in Serbia and prevent the love of his life from leaving, daydreamer Marko decides to build a monument to Michael Jackson.

The title design blends former Yugoslavia's socialist heraldry with Michael Jackson iconography, setting the mood for this melancholic, yet absurd story with elements of Yugoslav nostalgia.

"The fine craft package fully supports the pic’s sardonic tone, from the colorful credits that crumble to dust to the jaunty score." -

Main Titles produced by: Cliptease
Title Designer: Michael Svec

In collaboration with Iva Rakic, who did the fine poster design.

"Monument to Michael Jackson"
Directed by Darko Lungulov
D.O.P.: Mathias Schöningh
Music: Uros Milkic, Dejan Pejovic